April 15, 2018

Hendey / Barber-Colman Tool & Gage lathe, variable speed, like Monarch 10EE

This was originally made by Hendey as a competitor to the Monarch 10EE. Apparently Barber-Colman acquired Hendey towards the end of the production of these machines and this is one example. I would appreciate any more historical information on this…. Machine runs with original variable-saturation and selenium rectifier electronic variable speed drive. Operates on 220V […]

March 11, 2018

Hendey engine lathe Size 14 X 6 EBM/ECM model, 18 Speed with tools & cabinet

Hendey EBM/ECM 18 Speed model, Size – 14 X 6 engine lathe, manufactured in June 1923, ways are in great shape. Including / comes with 3 & 4 jaw chuck, 4 way tool post, Steady rest, Lathe dogs, centers, misc. Cutters, collets, & tooling cabinet. Is currently powered & in Good running condition. The item […]