December 13, 2018

Very Nice Unimat Lathe SL1000 Pkg, Includes POWER FEED, Steady Rest, and More

Hello, here is a very nice Unimat lathe package for your consideration. This lathe is clean, the screws all turn freely, the slides move smoothly. The power feed unit works well. This lathe is ready for use! Here is what’s included in this package. Unimat SL 1000 lathe (bed, headstock, tailstock, carriage and crosslide assy, […]

October 22, 2016

Very Nice! Watchmaker lathe 8mm with collet holder tail stock HENRY PAULSON

Vintage Watchmaker / Jeweler lathe 8mm with collet holder tail stock and cross slide It looks like a Henry Paulson but I could not find the name anywhere so see pics you make the call. Its mounted on a wooden board includes motor. All in very good condition better than pictures show. Please note the […]