November 5, 2021

Robert Sorby lathe tool set

Set of 8 High Speed Steel Lathe Turning Tools. This set has the 8 basic tools you’ll need for spindle and bowl turning. The 8 piece set includes 1/2″ round nose, 1″ square nose, 1/4″ and 1/2″ spindle gouge, 3/16″ diamond parting tool, 3/8″ bowl gouge, 3/4″ roughing gouge, and 3/4″ skew. These HSS tools […]


June 7, 2020

Lot of 8 Robert Sorby lathe Turning tools used nice

Lot of 8 Robert Sorby lathe Turning tools used nice. Descriptions as follows the type of chisel MAY NOT BE RIGHT, rest of is. 3/4 Roughing Gouge 1 handle 6 Chisel. 1/2 Fingernail Spindle Gouge 1 handle 6 Chisel. 3/8 Fingernail Spindle Gouge 10 handle 6 Chisel. 3/4 Multi Tip Hollowing Tool 1 handle 6 […]

September 18, 2016

8 pc Robert Sorby Lathe Wood Turning Tools (used)

This lot is eight Robert Sorby wood turning tools. They belonged to my father, who was a passionate wood turner. He passed away and I need to find a good homes for his tools and equipment. Everything has been sitting in his workshop which is climate controlled, smoke-free, and pet-free. If nothing else I can […]