July 13, 2016


The machine comes with. Collets 1/32-5/16 by 1/32 increments, a 1/64 and 3/64. Threading attachments 16,18,20,28,32,36,48,56 tpi the parts are all still covered in grease and not banged up. I took most of them out of the original paper to photograph them. A 4 jaw chuck. A 3 jaw chuck. A 2 3/4 inch face […]

June 19, 2016

Unimat Lathe

I believe this is a DB-200 model, but the tag on the headstock says Unimat, Model 376.21410. My father bought this from Sears and that last model number looks like a Sears number. Ive made a few simple things on it, so its a pretty low-mileage machine despite its age. Its spent much more of […]

May 29, 2016

Unimat SL 1000 Lathe and Accessories

It comes in the original Unimat wood chest. This is a great mini lathe that can easily be converted to a mini milling machine. It comes with the Unimat vise, lathe and mill cutters, measuring tools plus many extra tools. It comes with the belts in place and ready to work. Plugs into 110 volt […]

May 26, 2016

Unimat Mini Lathe Runs Good

This is my father-in-law’s. He was given this second hand several years back and whilst its kinda neat… He has no use for it. That and its (quote)’In the way’ (in his workshop/man cave, lol). It runs well (see last photo) and has some accessories that came with it (though admittedly, he’s not sure if […]

May 12, 2016

Unimat SL DB200 Lathe for Watchmaker Clockmaker Model Machinist, Steel base

Unimat SL DB200 Lathe. Steel Base, steel headstock & Tailstock. Includes lathe with tailstock, 3 jaw scroll chuck, drill chuck & key, milling/drill press adaptor (casting on this is not steel), Lever, center, Face plate and dog, storage box and more. Motor runs okay. Paint is flaking off. Some rust here & there, otherwise good […]

May 11, 2016

Unimat Combination Lathe, Drill Press, Milling Machine

SL Model DB200 distributed by American Edelstaal w/original wood case, circa 1968, made in Austria. Combination lathe, drill press, milling machine, table saw for the hobbyist or modelmaker. Includes Jacobs-type chuck, 3 jaw universal lathe chucks (2), 4 jaw independent chuck, cross slide machine vise, circular saw table & related attachments, milling & fixture table, […]

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