June 8, 2019

Clement 10mm or 8mm Watchmakers Jewelers Lathe

Clement Watchmakers Jewelers Lahe with motor. This lathe has been in storage. The headstock will take either. 10mm or 8mm collets. Bearings seem smooth and tight. The tailstock ram moves smoothly and is tight. The motor worked fine before being put in storage. The cord is old but is not dry rotted and is pliable […]

November 14, 2017

Clement jewelers watchmakers levin lathe 10mm D collets set clockmakers collet

Used Clement 10mm D style collets set. Made in The USA. I have a listing at the moment with an amazing Clement lathe. Perfect for these collets. Please study the high resolution photos well. They are part of the description. Mostly unused Clement collets. Few Levin which you can easily recognize since they are marked […]