September 7, 2022

Index Werke KG CNC Lathe GE42 Tool Turret ASSEMBLY Only

Our internal inventory number on this product is. This item was removed from a working machine. We have no way of testing it once it is removed. This item was removed from an Index Werke KG CNC Lathe. Controller: Index C200 Monitor. To go directly to a Listing of SOME of the parts removed from […]


April 25, 2020

Index Latch Arm for Levin Watchmaker Lathe

Index Latch Arm for Watchmaker Lathe. Assembled from Levin NOS parts. The Arm and all the parts that press into the mounting plate are original Levin parts. The mounting plate is made of steel and sized to fit Levin Lathes and use the original Levin parts. It fits the Levin beds that have 2 threaded […]