August 3, 2023

Southwestern Industries Trak 1630 CNC Lathe with Tooling Proto Trak SLX Control

Cross slide removed clean inspected. Oil gallies and ball screws are flushed and Verified machine is oiling properly. Head stock oil changed. Lathe has been calibrated with calibration fixture from Southwestern Industries. Southwestern Industries Trak Trl 1630SX with Tooling. Trak TRL 1630SX Tool Room Lathe. ProtoTrak SLX CNC Control. Two-axis CNC, two-axis DRO. Electronic handwheels […]


January 13, 2023

2011 Southwestern Industries ProtoTrak TRL1840SX CNC Tool Room Lathe SLX Control

Stantec Sales & Services is offering the following equipment. 2011 Southwestern Industries ProtoTrak TRL 1840SX CNC Tool Room Lathe SLX Control. Has a 2017 Refurbished Control. (151) 2017 Southwestern Industries Prototrak TRL 1840 SX CNC Tool Room Lathe SLX Control – YouTube. Height of Centers – 9. Distance between centers – 40 1/4. Swing over […]