February 20, 2020

Tormach 15L Slant-PRO CNC lathe with tooling and computer

This is a nice condition tormach 15L slant pro CNC lathe. If you are unfamiliar with the model of lathe information on it can be found here. They used it to make parts for RC cars. I have owned the lathe now for about 2 years and have been using it to make paintball parts […]


February 17, 2020

Tormach 15L SlantPro CNC Lathe with LOTS of Quality Tooling

Tormach 15L SlantPRO CNC Lathe. With all the tooling and work holding I’m included, this truly is a turn-key solution to your small to medium part turning needs. Read Tormach’s website for machine specifics on the machine itself. User made modifications included. Pneumatic collet closer, operates with M-codes and/or from Pathpilot control screen (G-Made CNC […]